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Assault & Battery

It is a good idea to hire an attorney anytime you are charged with a crime.  Even if you are sure you acted in self defense, assault & battery is no laughing matter, and one false step in the criminal procedure could scar your record for life.  There are dozens of tactical strategies that can be implemented, including CWOFs, magistrate hearings, and suppression motions.  We will  quickly and efficiently help you work toward the best solution.

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Assault and battery is defined as “the intentional and unjustified use of force upon the person of another,” or “the intentional doing of a wanton or grossly negligent act causing personal injury to another.” (M.G.L. ch. 265 § 13A)


  • Assault and Battery with a dangerous weapon;
  • Assault and Battery resulting in serious bodily injury;
  • Assault and Battery where victim is pregnant;
  • Assault and Battery where restraining order (209A Order) is outstanding;
  • Assault and Battery on family or household member;
  • Assault and Battery on a police officer;
  • Assault and battery where victim is age 60 or older.

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Contact us today for a free consultation at 774-4LAW-006 or

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