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Criminal Defense

Good people often get into difficult situations.  Whether you were driving and accused of being intoxicated, or got caught with something in your pocket that shouldn’t be there, criminal records can remain a part of your backround history for a very long time.  That history can affect many facets of your future . Your pursuit of a career, loans, business incorporation, even adoption, can all be negatively impacted.  It is a good idea to hire an attorney anytime you are charged with a crime.  Our experience working for the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, as well as against prosecutors across the state provides you with the priceless experience you need on your side.  We will help you through the troubled times, and work to tailor an expedited and affordable solution to your problem.


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View our linked pages for general information about specific crimes

Restraining Orders

Assault & Battery

Drug Crimes

Property Crimes


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Contact us today for a free consultation at 774-4LAW-006 or

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