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Social Security Disability

Everyone has heard of Social Security Disability, but do you know the benefits?

Even if you are already on disability through an insurance carrier, switching to Social Security can have many other benefits, including yearly cost of living increases, tax benefits, and medicare.

If you are disabled, Social Security can help, and we can assist you in the process.  It is a simple process, and we can usually get the process going the same day.  Furthermore, we do not get paid, unless you do, and there are NO HIDDEN CHARGES.  There are many different paths to Social Security, and we can help  find the right one for you.


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1.  Need to fill out an application? – click here or Contact us today
2.  How does the Government decide if you are disabledclick here
3.  Adult Disability Impairments Listings:
1.00 -   Musculoskeletal System
2.00 -   Special Senses and Speeches
3.00 -   Respiratory System
4.00 -   Cardiovascular System
5.00 -   Digestive System
6.00 -   Genitourinary System
7.00 -   Hematological System
8.00 -   Skin Disorders
9.00 -   Endocrine System
10.00 – Impairments that affect multiple body systems
11.00 – Neurological
12.00 – Mental Disorders
13.00 – Malignent Neoplastic Diseases
14.00 – Immune System Disorders


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